My inspiration in so many ways!

A Shining Star in our world! Leading by example of kindness and generosity! So much knowledge to offer I can’t possibly due her justice. You must go look for your self.

By Melanie Brummer

By Melanie Brummer

So much more to find and learn on her website also!

Please take the time to look!

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Tracy Korn’s Ignis (Elements)

Perfect closure to this series! So many elements involved. Every last one dealt with exactly as they needed to be.

Emotional rollercoaster of growth into adulthood. Everything they were taught was a lie. Every dream a scam. Yet with teamwork and hope they managed to get to the truth. Great series!

By Tracy Korn

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Some series really cut to the core.

This story has had me on edge from book one. Not being an inside the box thinker myself. From start to finish each story hits home. Just how difficult it is to not follow the path programed for you. Never knowing for sure what or who to trust. Often finding out to late one wrong choice…

Excited to start next book in series. So glad it just released!

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Elements Series
By Tracy Korn

A Winning Ace by Tracie Delaney

Amazing story of strife and triumph!


So many struggles in each individual character. Haunted pasts and secrets to be overcome. Yet all surmountable if only each person is working together. Oh yes, jets, fast cars, fancy settings and paparazzi. Explicit passion too.



Ever wonder just how the pieces should fit together.

Lovely to find such precise explanations!

Added to all that wonderful information and patterns is so much more!

Beautiful upcycled garments!!!

Even better a group to interact with while one experiences this process hands on!

I love Up Cycled Art

There is a pure genius in some. They can take something otherwise past it’s use and recreate it. Not only does it prevent much waste. It also carries nostalgia of times gone. Bringing new light to our world.

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